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Aqua Chi Foot Detox

30 minutes is $30.00

60 minutes is $60.00

You sit back, relax and place your feet in a basin of warm water, we then place the modular into the water. The copper and stainless steel electrodes (the negative and positive charge) react to the electricity in your body and this creates a vibration. This vibration opens the pores in the bottom of your feet and starts drawing the toxins out.

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Results of Foot Detox

Benefits of the Aqua Chi Foot Detox:

- Helps remove toxins (feel cleaner)

- Helps alleviate joint pain/arthritis/gout

- Helps relieve headaches

- Helps clear up allergies

- Helps remove tobacco, which helps eliminate cravings

- You should sleep better

And so much more.

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Infrared Sauna

30 minutes for $15.00

30 minutes for 2 people for $25.00

60 minutes for $30.00

60 minutes for 2 people for $40.000

10-30 minutes passes for $100.00

10-60minute passes for $170.00

Come relax, unwind and get rejuvenated in our Infrared Sauna. There are so many benefits to the The Infrared Sauna. The Sauna detoxes your entire body, improves circulation, helps relieve joint pain, boosts immune system, burns upwards of 600 calories, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and so much more.

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Beaming White Teeth Whitening


Quick, affordable and pain less.

We apply a 16% Hydrogen Peroxide gel to your teeth. You then lay under our UV lamp for 20 minutes. You spit, rinse and we repeat this procedure 2 more times. For a total of 1 hour.

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Suddenly Slender Body Wrap

Suddenly Slender Infrared Sauna Body Wrap

$125.00 Slender Tone Body Wrap

$130.00 Anti-Aging Body Wrap

$140.00 Body Lift Body Wrap with BOTH solution’s above added.

Suddenly Slender’s Body Wrap is a method to visually slenderize and contour your body shape and visibly tighten your skin.

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Wrap  - After

It involves wrapping your body in tensor bandages that have been soaked in a specific combination of food grade organic mineral solutions and heated purified water. The bandages are then applied firmly to areas of the body needing inch loss and contouring.

The solution breaks down and shrinks the fat cells, hence losing inches and tightening and toning.

The Body Wrap also helps to lighten stretch marks and eliminate cellulite.

The procedure takes just under 2 hours.

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